Form of Competition | Eligibility


Form of the Competition

The Competition is an open one-stage ideas competition. Due to the sensitive character of this Competition, S.E.E. | office for architecture and design reserves the right to execute a pre-qualification procedure to determine a shortlist of Applicants who will then proceed to design competition entries. For this purpose, the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire has to be completed by every Applicant and to be sent to the Organizer. It is expected to select on this basis appropriate candidates.




The Competition is open to architects, engineers, planners, designers and artists to develop and visualize a proposal capable of responding to emerging challenges for a national museum in Afghanistan. Practicing architects, engineers and other professions participating in the Competition must be registered with their National Registration/ Regulatory Authority. Professionals with more limited experience in the delivery of relevant projects may wish to consider collaborating with another practice, but the proposed delivery arrangement should be clearly articulated in the proposal document. However, Applicants must demonstrate the capability to work in Afghanistan and apply required technical building and construction standards as outlined in the competition package.