IAIC_NMA | Jury Statement | Second Prize Winner


This Design Proposal is a more demonstrative, monumental type architecture that expresses the functional spaces within. The scale of the proposed new museum building is bigger than that of the First Prize Winner and the exterior profile can be seen as visually responsive to the backdrop of the surrounding mountains. Like the First Prize Winner, the design is based upon a grid, offering easy expansion and interior flexibility, but here the grid is expressed more directly externally and the building becomes visually more assertive.  The design has an identifiable and recognizable visual form and scale that is quite sculptural, without being too monumental.


The Design Proposal offers an appropriate use of local materials with good variation in internal spatial volumes and sizes. The simplicity of the plan encourages effective movement of visitors through exhibition spaces of different and interesting qualities, although the larger interior volumes may appear overly massive. In some cases these spaces may be disruptive and may possibly overwhelm the both visitors and the collections on display. The suggested interior finishes would not compete with the richness of the collection objects, though the interesting and explicit design references to historic Afghan architecture are not fully developed. Although the design does respond well to the need in providing a secure external and internal environment, fulfill functional requirements and complies with the master plan, the proposed design's relationships with the existing Museum building, the adjacent historical buildings and the site garden could have been further elaborated. Because of its larger size, the Second Prize winner would be expected to have significantly higher construction costs.











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