IAIC_NMA | Selected Statements to Competition


The following contains a selection of statements the Organizer has received from the applicants during the registration process (applicants’ statements are in original wording):


“We all want you to know how much we appreciate what you are doing for the culture of your country in such a difficult period and we mean to encourage you in keeping on this way for this and other enterprises. Should you be in need of something you could support for the future, we’d be glad to do our best.”


“Our team is honored to participate in a project of this importancy in a country with so many differences and in the same time so many cultural and historical resources.”


“We are motivated to enter into this contest. We are appreciative that the architectural design work is put again for competition, brining the long time tradition of best practices in architecture and urban planning.”


“I am pleased to present our PQQ for the above mentioned competition. I look forward to competing for this truly inspirational project.”


“Thank you ..I have done a number of competitions over the years and this is by far most thorough and comprehensive process.”


“We would like to thank you and your team for a job well done. Indeed it is a sign of encouragement to see business is done in a professional way in Afghanistan.”