IAIC_NMA | Jury Statement | Third Prize Winner


This Design Proposal makes an extremely strong and creative architectural statement and represents the most successful of the free-form designs. This is achieved by very sculptural massings and volumes. The visual references to the adjacent mountains represent a further shift towards an architecture that speaks of the landscape and of the nature of protection. The design also has the potential to be quite dramatic: a building that could become a destination visit in its own right, encouraging an interest in the collection almost by default. 


Although the Jury felt that the building volumes are over-scaled in relation to the existing Museum building, the proposed design idea has integrity, with the strong protective walls housing the collection with lighter, linear circulation spaces between high walls, reminiscent of public routes found in old cities of the region. The design’s challenge and its ultimate success depend on the further refinement and proper use of materials, structural form and the adjustment of scale. The plan, although unusual, has very positive aspects, especially in the entrance foyer and galleries with established sightlines between spaces. There is a good subdivision of internal spaces with good sequences of movement. The incorporation of the large glazed atrium spaces presents a number of significant technical and operational challenges, such as structural separation of the building frames required under seismic loads and maintenance/ management of the large glazed area in summer and winter. The suggested master plan allows for future expansion and the creation of an interesting connection to the existing garden. Due to its size, complexity, unusual design, and monumentality, the proposed new building would be relatively high in construction costs and operational costs. 










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