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S.E.E. | office for architecture and design

S.E.E.| office for architecture and design was originally established in 2001 as a think-tank and practice for architects, urban planners, product designers and researchers involved in the design of the built environment.  In 2009, the office was set up in Afghanistan after the founding partners had worked on architectural design and project management, from conceptual work to implemented design projects, throughout Europe and Asia. S.E.E. provides project management and architectural design services and is actively involved in the physical postwar reconstruction in Kabul and the provinces. S.E.E. delivers excellence in all aspects of project management tailored to architectural design and construction, with a team of leading local and international professionals. S.E.E. has a long term commitment to Afghanistan and unique expertise in project management, sustainability, energy and the built environment customized to the urgent needs of Afghanistan’s challenging business environment. The team is dedicated to postwar reconstruction in the field of new urban and architectural design as well as the rehabilitation of cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship in Afghanistan.